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Join Logbooked communities where #motoring, #motorsports and #car_enthusiasts’ stories are the topics engulfing the newsfeed and driving the community forward. Let us connect, be the driving force and the fastest connected community across the planet.

A connected world is a world of motoring, do not hesitate, join now, get involved in the non-stop excitement of bhp, and inspire your friends or connect with new friends today.

Logbooked Features

At Logbooked users are enjoying the excitement of creating and sharing posts, commenting on, and liking posts, creating albums, groups, events, and following family and friends, or connecting with like-minded people with a passion for four wheels. #be_inspired

We have an encrypted end to end instant messaging service available, to ensure that staying connected with the people that matter is possible while we are protecting our users’ content.


Car clubs have been the driving force of the motoring world for many years, creating, joining, and following groups that represent specific interests on Logbooked is #fast #fun and accessible to all.

Logbooked brings the world of motoring closer, our niche connectivity unites one people with one common interest onto one fun packed and exciting platform.

Logbooked For General Motoring

As part of Logbooked we provide a Sales Centre for our users to buy and sell their new or used vehicles, a Tyre Centre for purchasing tyres and booking fitting appointments, and a Service And Repair Centre to enable users to request quotes from local mechanical or electrical service providers.

Logbooked also boasts a marketplace where business users will list their motoring products for users to browse. Logbooked puts the motoring community in the driving seat and with business reviewing prominent together we create an industry trusted network.