Affiliates Earn Money From Their Status On Logbook

If you are a group admin or owner, an influential person or leader then your status and influence will earn you extra money per month on Logbook for being the admin of your own group or a network influencer. The larger your group or network the larger your income.

Logbook is a social media platform specifically for the motor industry, users can post into the news feed, create groups, create events, instant message other users, like, share & comment on posts both socially or within their group without the nuisance of non Industry media.

Logbook is all motor industry, nothing but motorists, car enthusiasts, car clubs & groups with the added industry specific marketplace and sales centre.

Once you have created your profile you can find your affiliate link within the affiliate tab on your settings page. Sharing this link to enable your group members to create a profile and join you on Logbook will automatically link their user profile to yours.

User profiles linked to your profile by the affiliate link have the ability to sell or auction via the platforms available, use of these services are chargeable by a small fee and a % of these fee’s pass over to you for each and every affiliate sale.

As Logbook grows into the UK’s motor industry hub and becomes an industry standard you will continually be rewarded for your affiliate network.