Logbook For Business

Logbook is a motoring-focused social media website designed to connect users who both use and work in the motor industry.

Logbook a useful tool for all business in the motor trade, from local garages to luxury car dealerships and many more.

Read on for more detailed information regarding the services we can provide for motor- industry services.

Social Media; Posts, Sharing, Pages

Businesses owners who sign up to Logbook will have the option of creating a business account, and with it, a page for their company, for free. Logbook boasts many of the same capabilities as popular social media sites and page owners will be able to use these in any way they see fit to promote their business and connect with customers.

Business owners can invite their friends on Logbook to like their page and follow their activities, which can include posts that will appear in the news feed of all who have liked the page, updates to the company’s working hours and more. Page owners have the option to post to specific fan groups or other company pages that exist on Logbook as well, and followers can share those posts themselves to increase the exposure that a post experiences.

Customers can also message the business directly through our chat function, allowing or instant contact and conversations between customer and company, so business is done more quickly and the customer is left satisfied.

E-commerce; marketplace, vehicle sales & advertising

We understand the importance of online sales to any business; mechanics, dealers and more, so we’ve aimed to make the process of selling ones wares through Logbook as straightforward and comprehensive as possible. Our marketplace is designed to most effectively promote and sell your products to potential customers, and selling vehicles through Logbook receives two dedicated sections to ensure you get the right price for your used or new cars.

Owning a business page on Logbook will allow you to open a shop on our Marketplace, where you can upload products that you want to sell online. Products are automatically categorised and searchable via a search engine function, making your products as easy as possible to find for potential customers. In addition, with your custom product description, a link to your company’s e-commerce page is included, allowing customers to browse your e-commerce page and see the entire range of products that you’re selling.

Motor dealers can sell their vehicles in one of two ways; through the Vehicle Sales Centre,or Auction Centre. Both share similar features with vehicle e-commerce and online auction websites and vehicles being sold can be promoted, or discussed with potential buyers through Logbook’s social media features.

Promotion of vehicles and other products can also be achieved by creating an advertisement with our trade-only Ads Centre. These advertisements will be featured on Logbook to bring more customers to your business page and allow them to view the stock and/or vehicles that you have uploaded to our site.