Sign up for a business account with us, to create a page for your business that allows you to connect with customers, share your brand and create an e-commerce page for free to showcase all of your automotive goods to a new realm of customers.


With a business account on Logbook, you’ll have the ability to create an e-commerce page that will feature your company and your products on our marketplace. Products uploaded to your page will appear on the marketplace for customers to view as they browse, and the name of your business will be displayed, as a link, with each product that you have uploaded.

Customers who click on the link to your e-commerce page will then be able to view all of your contact details and your business’s address, as well as have the opportunity to like your page and follow your business’s activities. Most importantly, your entire range of uploaded products will be displayed for the customer to view there and then, allowing them to view all of your stock exclusively and, potentially, form a sense of familiarity with your brand that could lead to improved sales and business growth for you.


Uploading your products to our marketplace allows you to sell to all motorists connected to our social network, and our marketplace is optimised to best promote and advertise your brand, and give you the best opportunity possible to boost your online sales.

Products uploaded to our marketplace are sorted into different categories depending on their use or application. For example, if you were to upload an alloy wheel to your e-commerce page, it would be automatically sorted into our “alloy wheels” category. Many categories on our marketplace also have their own sub-categories, such as the car parts category having an “engine & engine parts” sub-category, or in the case of products such as tyres, customers will be able to specify their own parameters such as width, profile, rim size and more,

By using drop-down menus to further narrow their search. The purpose of this is to maximise your chance of targeting the relevant audience, by getting your products in front of your customers as quickly and easily as possible, and avoiding the chance of them becoming disengaged as they expend effort on searching for your products.

Additionally, all products uploaded to the marketplace are searchable via our search engine; a feature we’ve implemented with the same goal of saving time for customers and making brand & product promotion easier for you, in mind.

Once a product is uploaded to your e-commerce page, it is given its own product page, where you have the opportunity to promote your product with an item description, upload an image and establish a price. “Add to cart” and “Buy Now” buttons also give customers the opportunity to shop for your items in whatever manner they please.

You can also make use of Logbook’s social media capabilities through our marketplace too, and engage with potential customers through posts, comments or our chat function. This allows you to give advice, promote your products and even discuss discounts with the right customer, all of which can lead to making a sale that may not have happened on more conventional online platforms.

Sign up with Logbook and create a business account for free to gain access to a wealth of new customers, a well-optimised marketplace and our social media capabilities to maximise your business’s online sales and online presence.