Car Club Groups

Vehicle fan clubs have been a prominent part of the motoring world for many years, which is why Logbook gives users the ability to create, join and follow their own Logbook groups to represent these fan clubs, as hosted on our social network. Logbook provides connectivity in the motoring world by bringing people together on a social media platform, which is why we view fan groups and pages as so important for our users.


With so many different brands and categories of vehicle on the road, the range of groups and clubs that Logbook’s social media site is huge. The following list is not exhaustive by any means, but should give you an idea of the kind of groups you can expect to find hosted by us.



Perhaps the most useful group to the average motorist, Logbook hosts groups for every major automotive manufacturer, such as BMW, Honda, Ford and many more. Here, owners of any model of a particular brand can connect with other motorists who have the same brand of vehicle, for social and professional purposes.

This is the best way to compare models, diagnose problems and source replacement parts specific to your vehicle’s brand and locatedealers and/or garages who specialise in that brand Our groups are open to anyone who uses our social network, so users can not only expect to be connected with fellow motorists, but also trade professionals from all areas of the motor industry, too.



Classic cars have a huge fan-base, one that Logbook aims to accommodate with the wide variety of classic car pages we host. From British classics such as the MGB or Morris Minor, or even bygone vehicles from further ashore; the Citroen 2CV and Porsche 928, you’ll find groups that cater to dozens of classic car models and their fans and owners.

Connect with mutual fans of classic car to become notified about UK car club events, both locally and nationally, that you can take part in or attend, and receive expert advice on how to keep your classic in its best working order and preserve its value. Being part of a UK classic car group gives you the potential to discover more about your classic vehicle and the world of classics; information that’s just a click away with our social media features.



Owner of a hybrid? A fan of rotary engines? Logbook hosts numerous groups that are built on a vehicle’s specific feature such as engine layout or type of transmission, and welcomes all owners and fans of vehicles that carry that feature.

This is intended to be an important source of technical information, where motorists and experts alike can share their knowledge of these vehicular features, such as modifications and procedures to improve their performance, any common problems that may arise and warning signs to be aware of, what accessory products may work best with them and much more.

You can feel reassured that you’ll have constant and instant access to expert advice when you’re connected to a feature-specific group on Logbook, making your day-to-day motoring life a lot easier.