Instant Messaging

Logbook’s instant messaging service plays a crucial part in connecting users across our social media platform, providing instant and direct communication between motorists and professionals alike within the world of motoring. This service has a wide range of social and professional applications for users, including, but not limited to, contacting friends, associates and mutual car club members, establishing details of a sale to be made through the marketplace or the vehicle sales centre, arranging service or repair work for a vehicle and more. The instant messaging advantages we provide give us the edge when it comes to providing communication in the motoring world.

In addition to being fast and simple, we can also say that Logbook’s messaging service is safe and secure. All of our messages are protected via “end-to-end”encryption, protecting the content sent from and received by our users, and we also offer an optional security add-on for further safeguarding; featuring a protocol to hide the messages and additional password requirements to view them.

For direct, risk-free connection to the motoring world, use Logbook’s instant messaging service to socialise, organise and quickly find solutions for any of your motoring requirements.


Logbook uses the advantages of social media to help our users connect with friends, colleagues, family and anyone else who may be part of your motoring life, through our instant messaging service. This tool can also be used to connect with local garages, car parts or auto dealers, and other professionals to arrange purchases, obtain quotes, book appointments and more.


Logbook’s instant messaging service can be a useful tool for users who are browsing the marketplace, and might have questions about a product they’re interested in buying. Combined with the marketplace’s accessible interface, users can easily locate and contact any business through that business’s Logbook page, and obtain instant answers to questions on compatibility, product variations,availability of stock and much more.



As with any social media website, Logbook’s “messages” function allows instant messages back-and-forth between two, or a group of, individuals on our site. This is a site-wide function, and users do not have to have added one another on Logbook to send and receive messages. Once a chat is opened, other users can be added to the conversation and images can also be uploaded to the chat. Instant messaging between users is a useful way to organise events, exchange information or to simply socialise and discuss.

Users can contact local garages and mechanics who can help diagnose issues over our social network, without the need to make a phone call or book a vehicle in for inspection, and then recommend a service that their garage provides. Further to this, arrangements of dates and times of all appointments can be booked through our messaging service.

Logbook recognizes the importance of instant messaging for business’s too, meaning motor industry professionals can message customers who have already booked appointments to confirm details, make alterations, notify them when parts have arrived and more. Being able to send and reply to messages at any time that’s convenient for them, can have a significant impact on the day-to-day time management of any business.


Logbook takes user security very seriously and to that end, we ensure that all information exchanged via our instant messaging service is protected from outside threats by our message security protocol. Logbook employs end-to-end encryption to all messages as standard, but we also offer an additional security add-on for users who desire additional protection for the content of their messages.

Using this add-on adds another message security layer to our service, and means that all messages are hidden via our ptotocol, rendering them indecipherable to users who receive them unless they enter an additional password to view them.

As part of our strict regulations to guarantee user security, users will only have one passwordattempt under the rules of the add-on. Should users fail this attempt, all messages between the user, receiver and anyone else connected to the inbox will be automatically deleted. Messages will also be automatically deleted from Logbook’s servers and the add-on will notify all those connected to the inbox that message security verification has failed.

With measures in place such as these, we can remain confident that you and all of your information will remain protected from outside attacks and any other digital misconduct that may cost you your privacy.