Vehicle Servicing

Customers who make use of the service & repair centre will be able to create jobs that detail what work needs to be carried out on their vehicle and this will be viewable by businesses that also have access to the centre and are looking to find jobs. The service & repair centre allows business and customers to connect directly this way, and provides a service that is simultaneously beneficial to both parties.


The service & repair centre is designed to help motorists find a location to have their vehicle serviced or repaired as quickly and easily as possible, by giving Logbook users to ability to create jobs and connect with local garages or mechanics who can carry out this work for them. Once a customer has had their job accepted, they can connect with the business that will be performing their service or repair through the numeroussocial media functions that Logbook offers.

With Logbook, information on businesses that offer service & repair work is easy to access & conveniently contained, not just within our site, but also within the business pages that businesses must create in order to use Logbook. These pages can be viewed by any customer who wants to find out more about the people who have taken on their job, allowing complete transparency when it comes to aspects such as rates, location and other services that they may provide. In addition, a company’s reputation is also transparent to the customer, as Logbook’s position as a social media website means users will be alerted to any unlawful or unethical business practices, by their fellow consumers.

Whether it’s a customer looking for work to be done, or a local garage looking for jobs, Logbook’s service & repair centre is our answer for bringing both together to satisfy the needs of all involved. Create a job today to have your vehicle repaired or serviced, or sign up and set up your free business page to bring in more work for your business and connect with new customers through Logbook’s social network.

Logbook’s vehicle service & repair centre gives mechanics and local garages the opportunity to source more work by connecting with customers, new and existing, through our social network, and gives motorists the opportunity to quickly and easily find local garages and mechanics to discuss work to be carried out, obtain quotes and ultimately,book their vehicles in for service and repair jobs when needed.