Encourage businesses to sell

Logbook aims to encourage businesses to sell their tyres through us, so that we can offer the widest selection possible, and bring as many customers as possible to our site and your business. We also believe that by hosting a tyre shop on a social media platform, we can ensure that customers will only be buying from trusted and reputable businesses, and as a business owner, you’ll quickly gain that trust that with customers you connect with through Logbook.

Ultimately, we want to be the one place motorists and garages flock to when they need to buy or sell tyres and we’ve designed our marketplace with this in mind.


Everything about Logbooked’s marketplace is designed to help you best promote your business and its products, which means you’ll be able to fully customise the product description of the tyres you upload, the ability for customers to adjust parameters will mean they’re more likely to see your tyres and with each product uploaded, there will be a link to your e-commerce page, where customers can find out more about the products you sell and connect with you through your business page.


Local garages and businesses can sign up with Logbook for a free business page, from where they can create an e-commerce shop on our marketplace. This allows businesses, such as tyre shops, to upload their products to the marketplace, where they’ll become automatically categorised and searchable to customers looking to buy tyres in order to boost sales for your business.


Logbook’s marketplace features a dedicated tyre shop for use by motorists and garages alike. Motorists can browse a wide selection tyres from a variety of local garages and national businesses or search for a specific tyre if they already know what they’re looking for and businesses can upload their wares and promote their brand, not only through the marketplace itself but also through Logbook’s social media functions.


We have no specific preference for tyre manufacturer on Logbook and welcome all reputable brands, but we can boast some of the most popular and highest quality tyre manufacturers on our Marketplace. The list is not exhaustive, but we can provide information on some of our most notable marketplace brands below:


Founded in 1904, Avon are a UK tyre company thatmanufacture tyres for road use, for motorbikes and for motorsport. For cars and vans, they produce summer, winter,all-season and all-terrain tyres (cars only), and even ones specially-designed to suit higher performance cars. For motorsport, they produce slick and wet tyres for rally, rallycross, hillclimb, circuit racing and more. Proud of their tyre safety standards, they boast a “punishing” test regime to ensure the highest level of vehicle safety.


Founded in 1871, Continental are a German-based, multinational tyre manufacture whose products serve cars, vans, 4x4s, motorbikes, commercial vehicles and more.Continental boast an in-house tyre-testing track to pursue their diligence to safety, clean driving and affordability.


Firestone were founded in America in 1900 and are now part of the Bridgestone company. Famously the winning tyre of the first Indy 500, they continue to innovate and expand to this day in the world of road driving and motorsport and offer tyres for all seasons to cars and SUVs.


With over 70 years of experience, Hankook are consistently exploring new technologies to offer optimum levels of safety, comfort, performance and environmental-consciousness with their tyres They offer all-season and all-terrain tyres for use by cars, 4x4s, vans and commercial vehicles.


Famously the current tyre supplier to Formula 1, Pirelli formed as a company in Italy in 1872 and today maintains a strong focus on the tyre consumer market; manufacturing tyres for cars, motorbikes and bicycles. Pirelli’s car tyre range features different models of tyre that each have a different application, such as a model specially designed for SUVs, and feature technologies such as “runflat” and noise cancelling systems to give them an edge in the market.