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At Logbooked we offer our customers the largest UK stock of tyres from budget tyres to mid-range tyres and premium tyres and enable fitting at multiple tyre fitting centres throughout the UK. 

By simply entering your registration into the search function our system will search the specifications for your vehicles tyres and provide you with a catalogue of results reflecting your required tyre size.

Our Aim is supporting you

We aim to support our customers’ needs by offering tyres at affordable prices. We also aim to simplify the process and enable you to purchase tyres and book instant fitting appointments.

Fitting appointments are available at our network of professional fitting centres throughout the UK, and our system can locate and determine the nearest fitting centres to support your booking requirements.

Buying tyres from Logbooked

As soon as you have completed the simple 3 step process of searching for your tyres, buying your tyres and booking your fitting appointment, all you have to worry about is turning up to your appointment.

The whole process is instantly complete for you, your tyres will be delivered to your fitting centre and your tyre fitter will be awaiting your arrival.

Additionally, from Logbooked

We have designed Logbooked with you, the motorist, in mind. Our purpose is to support you not only with purchasing tyres and booking fitting appointments but with all vehicle requirements.

We also offer our customers vehicle servicing, mot testing and repairs at a number of mechanical centres, and quotes and bookings are made via the service centre


Within the “Tyres” category of Logbook’s Marketplace, users can narrow down their search for the correct tyre by setting parameters that relate to a tyre’s characteristic. Logbook includes this feature to make shopping with us easier, and to give businesses a better chance of promoting their products. Below, is our comprehensive list of the parameters we include to make this search easier, with an explanation of each.

Width Measured in millimetres, this is the entire tread width of the tyre from wall to wall. This measurement can usually be found written as the first three digits written on the tyre wall.
Profile Also referred to as the “aspect ratio” and usually found written on the tyre wall immediately following the width. It is measured as a percentage of the tyre’s width and refers to the height of the sidewall.
Rim Size This refers to the size of the existing rim of the wheel that he tyre is being fitted on.Measured in inches.
Speed Rating This is indicated by a letter written on the tyre sidewall, and indicates the maximum speed that the tyre can be run at. A full list can be found below:
N: 87 mph
P: 93 mph
N: 87 mph
P: 93 mph
N: 87 mph
P: 93 mph
Load Index Similarly to the speed rating,the maximum load capacity (in kg) of a tyre is indicated on the sidewall. Rather than being this value being written however, it is instead indicated by an index number.


We have no specific preference for tyre manufacturer on Logbook and welcome all reputable brands, but we can boast some of the most popular and highest quality tyre manufacturers on our Marketplace.

The list is not exhaustive, but we can provide information on some of our most notable marketplace brands below:


Founded in 1904, Avon are a UK tyre company thatmanufacture tyres for road use, for motorbikes and for motorsport. For cars and vans, they produce summer, winter,all-season and all-terrain tyres (cars only), and even ones specially-designed to suit higher performance cars. For motorsport, they produce slick and wet tyres for rally, rallycross, hillclimb, circuit racing and more. Proud of their tyre safety standards, they boast a “punishing” test regime to ensure the highest level of vehicle safety.


An American tyre company, BFGoodrich’s tyres are geared more towards rugged conditions, with much of their product range being focused on winter or off-road driving. They are the official tyre supplier of the Dakar rally.


Founded in 1871, Continental are a German-based, multinational tyre manufacture whose products serve cars, vans, 4x4s, motorbikes, commercial vehicles and more.Continental boast an in-house tyre-testing track to pursue their diligence to safety, clean driving and affordability.


Part of the Goodyear company, Dunlop specialise in high and ultra-high performance tyres and have always maintained a large and succesful presence in motorsport. The innovation and technology they pursue in competitive racing ensures a safe and reliable road tyre for your car,van or 4x4.


Firestone were founded in America in 1900 and are now part of the Bridgestone company. Famously the winning tyre of the first Indy 500, they continue to innovate and expand to this day in the world of road driving and motorsport and offer tyres for all seasons to cars and SUVs.


One of the world’s oldest tyre manufacturers, Goodyear are an American company who manufacture tyres for a vast range of road, off-road, commercial and motorsport uses. They were famously the tyre of choice for Ford’s first Model Ts.


With over 70 years of experience, Hankook are consistently exploring new technologies to offer optimum levels of safety, comfort, performance and environmental-consciousness with their tyres They offer all-season and all-terrain tyres for use by cars, 4x4s, vans and commercial vehicles.


Since their origins in 1832 as a French farm equipment manufacturer, Michelin has been dedicated to the practice of “better mobility” for their customers and take an unyielding stance on providing optimum tyre quality and safety in their products. For car, van and SUV, Michelin provide tyres to a range of driving styles; daily, high performance, all-terrain, track and more, in addition to providing tyres for many other applications such as classic cars, commercial vehicles and aircraft.


Famously the current tyre supplier to Formula 1, Pirelli formed as a company in Italy in 1872 and today maintains a strong focus on the tyre consumer market; manufacturing tyres for cars, motorbikes and bicycles. Pirelli’s car tyre range features different models of tyre that each have a different application, such as a model specially designed for SUVs, and feature technologies such as “runflat” and noise cancelling systems to give them an edge in the market.


Formed in Japan in 1917, Yokohama manufacture tyres for cars, vans, SUVs and commercial vehicles, with the goal of providing tyres that can handle any condition and still provide comfort, safety and performance.